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since the merger you can't make appointments online except for blood tests or smear tests, and even trying to make an appointment with your own doctor is near on impossible, which 99% of the time i need, as no other doctor knows my problems
Receptionist Debbie was a great help-really approachable and cared about getting me an appointment that I could attend.Nurse was also Attentive.
Very Helpful on Reception. Debbie nice lady
Impossible to get appointment I tried for 3 days to get an appointment for a asthma flare up due to chest infection and I was stuck in a loop of the telephone system due to high volume calls
I don’t feel the service is worthy of recommending. It’s the same as any other NHS service, always late, very difficult to fit in around work time due to them always running so late. Had to miss an appointment as waited 30 mins when auto arrival booking in said expected wait 6 mins. Totally misleading and shows a complete lack of respect to patients.
Getting appointments can often take forever!
Staff are thoughtful and considerate. Doctors and other staff listen and do not patronise
the telephone system is rubbish and you cant get in to see a doctor when you want one the only thing that's good is the reception at 32 Clifton.
your phone system is appalling and your website.
the progress from GP appointment to having a minor op at the practice was fantastic!
the progress from GP appointment to having a minor op at the practice was fantastic!
Since it became part of York Medical group this practice has gone really downhill. It so difficult to get through on the phone, takes ages to get an appointment and communication is poor with both reception staff and some of the GP s bordering on rude.
The staff are amazing, Very helpful. One major problem lets things down - the phone lines. It is so difficult to get through to a person. I have, on occasion, been over an hour trying to get to a person. Either a better system or more staff needed. It's such a shame as the staff do seem very good
Not an Ideal Space for accessibility but made the most of it. Staff are extremely helpful,especially Debbie.Wheelchair can only access one room at Campus Surgery.
Telephone service can never get through when ring taken half and hour each time ave tried to make an appointment not to count the times I gave up as didn’t have time to stay on hold.
When calling to ring the surgery and on the photn line 5 mins before you have even spoken to anyone is shocking.This just needs to be simple and go back to using the receptionist to book appointments.Feel sorry for the elderly people especially!!!
most impressed that the Dr rang me at home when I was having a problem with getting my driving licence , NOT impressed with the telephone system.
Telephone system- on hold hours- or what seem like! Great at finding appointments for young children.
The telephone service is awful, it took over an hour to get through to make an appointment. It is also very difficult to make an appointment with a nurse
The reception staff are always friendly and helpful and we were kept fully informed about my Gp running late due to an emergency. We were encouraged to input our car reg number to avoid any parking fines and as always I was given the time I needed with my Gp who always offers much needed support. Thank you to all at Tower court.
Keep reception as it is lovely and helpful girls, I admire them being on the front line taking all the abuse from people.
I always faint during blood tests so was worried about my test today. Nurse Claire Turner was wonderful. She let me lay flat and was very calming, accommodating and reassuring, even when it was difficult to find my veins. She then let me stay lying down until I felt well enough to sit up. Some nurses don't let me lay down so I'll definitely be going back to Mrs Turner in the future
GPs, other health professionals and most receptionists are good but the practice organisation is abysmal. A new appointment system was introduced a month ago in an attempt to improve things but from a patient's perspective nothing has changed and it still takes at least two phone calls to make one appointment. All the publicity info says there are 3 options, urgent same day care, soon 2-5 days, and routine (which was 4 weeks hence when I tried to phone). So why is there no 'soon' option available to patients when they phone? Choose 'routine' as I did a week ago only to be told to ring back the next day in a different time slot to make an earlier appointment. Choose urgent and presumably if that is deemed not to be the case the patient will be told to phone back later in a "routine appointments" time slot? Seems to be a lack of joined up thinking here, the telephone options need to be rethought asap.