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Impossible to get a face to face appointment even for someone diagnosed with terminal illness.
Trying to get through on the telephone is impossible. trying to get an appointment is impossible. trying to get an appointment with a nurse trained to do what you're asking is impossible!!! too big a practice with no care- what happened to 32 Clifton?
Phones appointments with GPS in a reasonable time time need an email address to send brief messages re needs and health updates for a Gp to read. this would avoid repeat appointments being made.
better appointments and reception
ridiculous wait for appointments, couldn't get in for 3 weeks. then I get an appointment and its running late by 20 mins.
The process for calling in to get an appointment or a call back from a GP is not good. The appointments aren’t allocated on medical need it is literally down to who gets through first. And with all patients calling the same number at the same time there is bound to be congestion. I am all for trying self treatment or speaking to a pharmacist. However sometimes you have to speak to a GP. I cannot get anything from a pharmacist for my 2 year old without prescription. Perhaps separate phone numbers and allocated phone consultations for the under 5s and over 80s might help?
I have received great care these last 24 months
Not had enough experience of the practice to give a recommendation to friends or family members.
Terrific service and local
Very good doctors when you can actually get to see one. I needed an urgent mental health related appointment and was told all the embargo's were gone for the following 2 weeks, but I could get a phone call a week and a half later. By this time my mental state had deteriorated further.
very happy staff in reception
Appointments better! Treatment very good.