If you have symptoms associated with coronavirus including a new continuous cough and a high temperature, lost sense of smell or taste you are advised to stay at home for 14 days. Do not book a GP appointment or attend your GP Practice.

If you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 it is recommended that you go get tested. For more info and to book a test or order a home kit please visit

If your symptoms are serious, or get worse, NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need further medical help and advise you what to do.

Only call 111 direct if you cannot go online, or are advised to do so by the online service.

For the latest COVID19 advice please visit
To reduce your chances of catching COVID-19 and reduce pressure on your local GP practice during this busy time, appointments will be carried out over the phone unless there is a clinical need for you to come into the practice. This will help minimise risk while continuing to ensure people get the care and advice they need.
Like the common cold, coronavirus infection usually occurs through close contact with a person with novel coronavirus via cough and sneezes or hand contact.
A person can also catch the virus by touching contaminated surfaces if they do not wash their hands. Testing of suspected coronavirus cases is carried out in line with strict guidelines. This means that suspected cases are kept in isolation, away from public areas of GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals and returned home also in isolation.
Any equipment that comes into contact with suspected cases are thoroughly cleaned as appropriate. Specific guidance has also been shared with NHS staff to help safeguard them and others. Patients can be reassured that their safety is a top priority, and are encouraged to attend all appointments as usual.
Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Then bin the tissue, and wash your hands, or use a sanitiser gel.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after using public transport. Use a sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Important Information 04.06.2020

  • We ask that patients wear a face covering to all in person appointments (this could be a scarf or mask etc).
  • York Medical Pharmacy is still open to their patients, and can be contacted on 01904 794115.
  • Appointments will be carried out over the phone unless there is a clinical need for you to come into the practice.
  • Our same day care our service is still running.
  • If you need a Nurse appointment please call the surgery on the day to book the appointment.
  • Do not visit the surgery to drop off a prescription; sign up for the NHS App or give us a call. Alternatively post your prescription. Nominate a pharmacy for your prescription to be sent to electronically. You can request prescriptions via our voicemail service on 01904 439100.
  • Doors at all surgeries are locked and will only be opened for those that have appointments.
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I have been repeatedly booked for an appointment at times I have specified I am unavailable since the practice began to use Klinik. I then have to rebook the appointment, completing the klinik form again and again. Please can the receptionists booking appointments respect the availability we give for appointments, especially as we are specifically asked to provide it?
No access for elderly and infirm. All is geared to web use. Even when calling, told to use the "form" there isn't one and there aren't clear instructions. Even this form asks which site I visited. NONE as far as I can tell, none are available.
Computer is so difficult to use, sometimes unable to complete, giving stress and wasted time, when talking to someone could answer it in 5 minutes
It speaks for itself when everything is done online
I found your Klinik portal very easy to use but I know several of my older associates would be defeated by it.
32 Clifton Close. No nursing staff at Water Lane or doctors. All patients pushed to Tower Court. Idiotic digital online barrier erected to prevent patients from making an appointment. York Medical Group should be ashamed of themselves. And in answer to the question below: Which site did I visit today? I didn’t I followed the Friends & Family Test link after spending many hours completing the patient access digital system for a G.P appointment. I put 3 x requests in one G.P appointment form & when I finally finished, the last page said, only use separate requests for each referral. Nonsense…now I have to complete the digital barrier again & then a third time to cover each non related referral medical request. York Medical Group should be disbanded & the doctors flogged.
I have spent an hour on the phone waiting to get through. I gave up and went online even though none of the options were applicable to my request, only at the end of the form it informs me that if I require an urgent response ie not next week sometime then I should PHONE!!!! GGGrrrr.
I am not stupid but navigating the system just to get an appointment is appalling. Using the phone originally locks you into an endless system of going online and using further website which apart from being grammatically suspect, ( clinic with a K anyone?) didn't ask the right questions or let me tell you what my problem was. If this is progress, I'm not buying it. It just seems a way to get people to give up.
The new Klinik is yet another barrier put in place when trying to sort out a simple issue,
Advice now easier to access via KLINIK facility providing online access available to patients.
My husband is in pain and loosing blood when he goes to the toilet. He saw a Dr Friday and is getting worse. He spoke to the emergency GP at 9pm last night who said he would arrange blood tests and nothing. This Klinik has apparently taken away the option for receptionists to by pass the system and make appointments when it is urgent. This new system is not working and we will be leaving the practice. This is ridiculous.
I do not require to see the G P that often, fortunately, but when I do I always come up against huge obstructions, none more so than this time. When I am sick I need to see the Dr not speak to a computer 3 days later. It is easier getting treatment for your pet, I would suggest to anyone who is ill to phone 999 and ask for an ambulance, maybe wasting time but will get you seen to quicker.
I recently had a consult with Dr Dickson after having a really hard time with my anxiety. He couldn’t have been more understanding and empathetic. Due to a previous emergency he was running behind but he did not let that affect the care and time he gave me. I want to thank him for his kindness and to make sure he is aware of the difference he made.
Cannot get an appointment. Keep getting sent for blood test but not being told why. Have put requests in for appointments and not been given them.
My wife and I have always had first-class attention from you, whether routine or urgent matters. We are extremely grateful. Also, the new klinik contact system seems very convenient and user-friendly.
Because it’s not personal enough and very complicated to use
All the GPs at the surgery are very understanding of my concerns as a patient. I've been well supported with medication options over the years and can't fault the quality of consultations. I hope more doctors will be available, and government funding if patient premiums increased so it will become easier in the future to get an appointment. The new online Klinik feature is very welcome and I'm excited to see how that will help relieve pressure on surgeries and further improve the patient experience
I originally voted to join the YMGbecause I thought it would be more efficient unfortunately, tge opposire is true
Because it is very difficult to make contact by phone.
I have used clinic app twice and recieved no reply I waited on hold for a long time to finally speak to a receptionist who said they'd put my problem as urgent and a GP would call me back that week That was 10 days ago
In 31 years of being with Water Lane practice and since joining the York Medical Group I have continued to have a very good experience of care.
From the receptionist who was receiving calls was very attentive to patient's needs and helpful.GP doctors that has given excellent care and compassion to patients.
Very difficult to contact any of the practices, the new online experience is very poor and is not patient orientated.
excellent service and caring staff.
Impossible to get any care and see anyone face to face
Impossible to see a doctor as they hide in their practices. I don’t believe for a moment they’re overwhelmed. If everyone is vaccinated why can’t they go into the practice. Something very strange is going on. Disgraceful
Having had the most difficult year, I have always been able to rely on the staff at YMG for immediate help and advice
It’s just like any other amalgamated surgery, surgery’s all over York, a good number of consultation rooms but a lack of doctors which leads to unacceptable waiting times for appointments. Every time I’ve been in to the Acomb surgery there seems to be more staff behind reception than there are doctors consulting.
All staff always kind and helpful
The practice needs to urgently address the current system they have adopted of using purely Klinik consultations. It has been my experience that these are not read correctly so are therefore not dealt with correctly. One recent error and the fact that when because of this error I needed urgent help for my husband resulted in a hospital admission which is still ongoing 6 days later. This system needs very urgently addressing
I have recently had a heart attack and received the most attentive and skilled care and treatments and investigations by all members of staff at the practice. All my queries have been promptly dealt with which is amazing considering we are in the midst of a pandemic. I will be eternally grateful for your skills and years of study which allows you to help the public. And for the NHS which is still available to us in our hour of need regardless of ability to pay.
No pharmacy until 8:30pm - no good to people who work full-time Would be better to arrange an appointment with the receptionist especially for less digital savvy patients as the iPad option is clunky user experience and takes around 10 mins for the digital savvy
Because your online system changes too often and has become much more complicated for patients to use. It is difficult to get appointments for anything on line or on the phone, if I can get through on the phone.
Woodthorpe Surgery is still closed
Impossible to contact the practice, except through extremely inaccessible klinik. Get referred to pushdoctor, who provide an awful service that I don't trust or feel provides good care. What's the point in being registered with a GP practice if you can't actually speak to a member of the team at the practice?!
The new klinik system is awful. I switched to Tower Medical Group in 2017 after receiving poor care from Priory. It was like a breath of fresh air, the reception staff were great and the doctors and nurses extremely kind and helpful. But centralisation of the reception staff means that patients don't get friendly regular service over the phone now, and I haven't been able to speak to my regular doctor about my ongoing health problem since Feb 2020. It is extremely stressful. The klinik system has compounded my upset. It is a 'one size fits no-one' system. The fact that my health condition isn't covered by the tick boxes is very unhelpful, I hate having to put private details onto a computer for anyone to read, rather than having a private discussion with a trusted doctor. I am very much put off by klinik and don't get help when I need it because I just can't face using it.
I have been trying in earnest to get an appointment since April and whilst being entirely cognissent of the Covid impact feel like I have been fobbed off continually. I finally managed to get a video appointment which them changed to a text message exchange at 11:30 on a Friday evening. The Locum was helpful by text and then failed to follow up. I finally had a blood test 4 weeks ago and have contacted the surgery by phone and Klinik for the results to no avail. I am sure my case is non-urgent but it is causing me stress and from my records you will see that I am not someone who comes to the surgery frequently so feel my concern should be taken seriously.
keep up the good service
The level of care has drastically reduced over the past 18 months. The introduction of online access to request care is not sufficient to meet my families needs and yet we are strongly advised to use it and leave the phone lines open for urgent calls.