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Once we actually get through to you & get an appointment it's all good & the Doctors are knowledgeable and understanding. However, since York Medical took over, one can be sent to a number of different surgeries with Doctors we don't know. It's become more impersonal.
Nice friendly staff. Easy to book appointment online
Because you always struggle to get appointments
Concerning poor level of clinical knowledge from people answering the phone. Difficult to get urgent appointments which by their nature do not always happen at 0830 or 1200 when you release the appointments.
Staff are friendly try to fit you in asap very local to where I live
Reception and admin staff are rude and don’t listen. A GP was rude and patronising to my husband. Just because we may not have a medical degree it does not mean we lack intelligence.
Can never get through on the phone to make an appointment, receptionists are rude and unhelpful, when you finally get through to make an appointment you have to wait weeks to get in, or wait for the Dr to ring you back, who then doesn’t.