There has been lots of news about Astra Zeneca and the risk of blood clots recently.

Public Health England have put together a lot of useful information that can be found on their website.

 The BBC have put together a very good article which is available on their website

The key messages are:

  • As has been reported widely in the news there are some new worries about the Astra Zeneca vaccine 
  • The events that have occurred are VERY rare but action has been taken to minimise the risks to patients  
  • These issues have arisen only with the Astra Zeneca vaccine and there have been no reported cases with the Pfizer vaccine
  • What about first doses going forward ? 

Those aged 18-29 JCVI and MHRA advise preferable to have an alternative to AZ vaccination  

This may mean a delay in vaccination until Pfizer or Moderna are available  

Patients can go ahead with AZ if they have considered risk and benefits

Patients should complete the course with the same vaccine as their first dose  

  • Healthy patients aged 30-50

Patients should receive any vaccine as benefits outweigh risks  

Patients should complete the course with the same second vaccine as first  

  • Patients over 50 and those with underlying health conditions

JCVI and MRHA advice is that patients should receive any vaccine as benefits outweigh risks 

Second dose should be same vaccine as first  

Second Dose confers higher and longer lasting protection 

  • Second doses
  • If patients have had their first dose of AZ and had no serious side effects then they should complete the course with AZ.  This includes health and social care workers, unpaid carers and family members of those who are immunocompromised