Patient Participation Group

Dear Patient,

We would like to know how we can improve our service for you and how you perceive our surgery and staff. 

To help us with this, we have a Patient Participation Group so that you can have your say.

We will ask the members of this Patient Participation Group some questions from time to time, such as what you think about our opening times or the quality of the care or service you received. We will contact you via email about meetings or see the table below.

We aim to gather around a hundred patients from as broad a spectrum as possible to get a truly representative sample. We need young people, workers, retirees and people with long term conditions.

Our Patient Groups currently meet quarterly online and we have a mixture of staff that attend and it’s great to get as many patients involved as we can so that we can get as much feedback as possible and let you know about any changes that might be happening at your surgery or the practice in general.

If you’re interested in joining the PPG please email [email protected] with your details and which surgery you attend.