Support with Gender Dysphoria at York Medical Group

GPs are not able to make a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and a referral is needed to a Gender Identity Clinic for further assessment, initiation of treatment and ongoing monitoring.

Unfortunately, there is currently a long waiting list for NHS Gender Identity Clinics. In the meanwhile we are happy to support with any other physical or mental health needs you may have.

If you start treatment under a Gender Identity Clinic, we can enter into a ‘shared-care’ arrangement with NHS providers in which we can provide prescriptions as guided by the specialist, whilst you are also under their care. The specialist would continue to oversee your treatment and monitoring.

You can choose to be referred to a private provider, but should you choose to follow this route and a diagnosis is made, we will not be in a position to prescribe medication or arrange monitoring, as our policy is not to enter ‘shared care’ arrangements with private providers. This is to ensure that our clinicians are working within their competence, and patients are being appropriately and safely treated.  Prescribing and monitoring must all be done through the private provider and you may need to check on the costs of ongoing treatment including prescribing and yearly reviews.  However if you get a diagnosis from a private provider, and then wish to have NHS referral for treatment, we are very happy to help with this.