Updating your details

Change your name, title, phone number, address, or gender marker

Here at York Medical Group we recognise that there’s a variety of reasons why you might want to update your details. Perhaps you’ve moved address, just got married, or have started your gender transition journey. Whatever the reason, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. You can update your details online, in person, or give us a call.

name changes

In the UK you can change your name, for any (legal) reason; at any time. There is no central authority that you need to contact in order to change your name. Instead, you can start using your new name and then simply let us know.

If you change your name, it’s important to let other NHS services know; such as hospitals. If you don’t, this could cause confusion with your medical records.

title changes

Anyone can use social titles (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, and Mx), regardless of sex at birth, or marital status. Professional titles (Dr, Prof, Rev) are used by people to signify their occupation and/or qualifications. Titles of British nobility (Lord, Lady, Sir) are protected. These titles can only be used if they’ve been inherited or awarded. If you’d like to change your title, we’d be happy to update this for you (if it is for a legitimate reason). We’ll trust this to be the case, unless there’s reason to believe otherwise.

phone number changes

If you’ve recently phone numbers, or have noticed that we’ve not got the correct number, please let us know below. We’d be really happy to change this for you, whether it be a landline or mobile phone. We are not limited to one number, if you actively use multiple numbers, we can record this for you. E.g. a number for home, and for work.

address changes

If you’ve moved address, please let us know as soon as possible, even if you’ve moved out of the area. We’ll get this updated for you. We understand that sometimes patients live outside of York, but are in the city regularly. This isn’t a problem, you’re welcome to stay registered with us, but we won’t be able to offer you home visits. Click below to update your address, and find out more.

gender marker changes

Here at York Medical Group we understand the significance of gender identity. Our aim is to make you feel welcomed, and offer you the best possible care. We know that for some patients, having a medical record that matches their gender identity is important. Gender transition is a personal journey, our staff will always respect your identity, whether you chose to update your records or not. Unfortunately GP practices do not have the ability to change gender markers ‘in-house’, however we will always be happy to raise the request on your behalf. If you are considering changing your gender marker, please be aware of the following:

  • At present, your existing records cannot be changed; instead you will be issued with a new NHS number.
  • NHS numbers are currently only available in binary format. We can request male or female only.
  • Once you let us know, we will raise the request on your behalf. These requests are processed by NHS Primary Care Support England (PCSE).
  • Unfortunately PCSE can take up to 4 months to process requests. We’ll be here throughout this time to support you.
  • When a new NHS number is issued, you cannot revert back to your original number. Should you wish to change again, a further number will be issued.
  • Your previous medical history will be attached to your new record as a ‘document’. We will always give you the opportunity to review these notes.
  • We are happy to redact information that relates to your sex at birth and/or deadname, if this is your preference.
  • Your regular medications will be added to your new record as a matter of urgency.
  • If you use the NHS App you will need to set this up again in your new NHS identity. 
  • It is important that you continue to attend screening appointments relevant to your sex at birth, and in relation to any surgeries that you may have had. If you think that you may have missed a recall, please let us know.
  • Should you wish to discuss any of these implications, or your gender generally, please do make an appointment. Our clinicians are happy to make referrals to Gender Identity Clinics/Services, if you would like this.