Total Triage Pilot

Total Triage Pilot from 26th February

At YMG we have triaged all urgent requests for appointments for several years, this has helped us make sure that patients are seen by the most appropriate clinician in an appropriate timescale. Building on the success of this we plan to start “Total Triage” for all appointment requests.

What is Total Triage?

All requests for appointments will be screened by an experienced GP.

Any urgent appointment request will be screened within 24 hours of submitting a online request.

Any routine appointment request will be screened within 5 days of submitting a online request. The triage GP will review the information you have shared, consider if it may be appropriate to signpost you to an alternative service instead of a GP appointment, if your issue could be managed within the practice but without a GP appointment or if you should be added to the waiting list for a routine appointment with a GP.

For example, you may be signposted to a community optician, a prescribing pharmacist or dentist rather than be offered an appointment. Or you may be offered an appointment with a social prescriber, advanced care practitioner or pharmacist instead of with a doctor.

Why Total Triage?

Screening of appointment requests in this way directs patients to the right service / practitioner often meaning that they are seen more quickly than waiting for a GP appointment.

We hope that this will continue to improve patient care by ensuring that GP appointments are prioritised for the most complexed medical issues and most vulnerable patients.

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